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Tropical Bliss

"Tropical Bliss" is the celebration of summer featuring leading designers from Lilly Pulitzer to international Italian designers and our best selling book. "Incredible Vegan Ice Cream" by Deena Jalal, Founder of FoMu Amalfi Coast Happy Birthday Greeting Card: artist Taryn Murfitt for Calypso "Feathers" Gift Wrap: ROSSI, Italy Lilly Pulitzer Flamingo Pouch with Agenda Bonus Pack Botanical Notebook Bird Themed Stickers

Eat Wellness+ Best Seller

Eat well is a current theme to get you diet under control for the summer time. This theme box is part of our Wellness series of boxes that bring your Mind, Body and Soul in-line to achieve your health goals. The box is filled with full size luxury products from our Victorian Lemon Opal & Almond Milk show gel from England to our Paolo Past and our health drinks. Why should you but Papyrus Box wellness series? This box is design to heal you from the inside out, managing your bodies collagen to support your joints, skin and hair health. Our brain health follows what the NY Post and Today's Show talks about how writing improves memory so we included some luxury Italian Madeiran color letters from Florencia designer ROSS 1913.

Add a vegan extra large notebook